About us

Sunny Holiday & Homes Costa del Sol, is a Danish company that works both with the rental of holiday homes - between Torremolinos and Calahonda on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, as well as with both the purchase and sale of your home. We collaborate with several skilled estate agents, where the focus is always on good service and honesty - as we are of course only interested in continuing the good collaboration in the future.
Our holiday homes are primarily homes with one to 3 bedrooms, and the most important thing for us is that all our guests experience that their holiday home completely lives up to the descriptions and the pictures you experience, so that your holiday home ensures you the best holiday on the Costa del Sol

For us, service & honesty are a matter of course!

Renting your summer home should be easy - it makes for a better holiday.

Do you want to rent out your home?

As a homeowner, you are in good hands with SUNNY HOLIDAY COSTA DEL SOL, as we check-in and out for guests and prepare and clean the home.
We take care of all the practical tasks in connection with renting incl. the marketing of the home.
In addition to the administration, we make sure that your summer home is ready for guests and we provide craftsmen if a faucet is dripping, an air conditioning system needs to be cleaned or the like.
For our home owners, it must be easy and convenient.
Contact us if you are considering renting out your home, and we will talk about opportunities for a good extra income from your home on the Solkysten - between Torremolinos and Calahonda.

Rent your home on holiday with us

As a tenant of a holiday home through SUNNY HOLIDAY COSTA DEL SOL, it ensures you a good and relaxed holiday.
We primarily have holiday apartments that contain from one to three bedrooms that live up to the description of the home and the location on the Solkysten.
When you arrive at the accommodation, we are ready to welcome you and when check-in is done, you are ready to enjoy your holiday on the Costa del Sol.
Of course, you have both our phone number and email if you need help in the home.
When the holiday is over, we will come and do a check-out and wish you a good journey home and see you again.